Infinity Kasha Roasted Buckwheat 500G

Infinity Kasha Roasted Buckwheat 500G

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Organic Kasha - Roasted Organic Buckwheat 500g

  • Organic produce.
  • Kasha (roasted buckwheat).
  • Easy to use.
  • 100% buckwheat - wheat & gluten free.
  • Add to casseroles and salads or have instead of rice or cous cous.
  • Nutty flavour.
  • 500g pack.
Buckwheat in its whole form, is sometimes called "buckwheat groats". They are the whole seed of the buckwheat plant and look like tiny heart-shaped nuts yet when cooked, have the qualities of a cereal grain like that of wheat or oats.

Roasted Kasha's Flavour

Uncooked, kasha has a deep nutty, almost toast-like flavour. The texture is surpisingly dry and crunchy, like tiny croutons.

Cooked (see 3rd photo), the kasha becomes soft like rice and has a distinct strong roasted, earthy flavour. The taste is unique and has an almost sweet undertone. We recommend partnering cooked kasha with acidic juices like lemon and/or vinaigrette, it's quite tasty. In the Healthy Supplies office, we also experimented with garlic and chives - this wasn't so successful as the strong flavours didn't mix. (If you have any tips on cooking kasha or any great recipes, we'd love to hear them. Please feel free to write on our wall on the right hand side).

Using Kasha

Whole roasted kasha is quick to cook. Just boil it for 10 - 15 minutes and the little grains swell and soften. Once cooked, they are easy to combine with a main meal or to have as part of a side salad. Kasha can be used instead of rice or cous cous or it can made into a salad. Uncooked, kasha can be sprinkled into a casserole or soup or on top of baked or roasted food to add a bit of crunch.